понедельник, 26 января 2009 г.

Weather Forecast from Jennifer Lilly: 96% in the Shade

Heading for the boat park this morning, the first sign of humidity was the hotel lobby door. The glass was dripping with condensation, signaling the faint of heart to take one last deep breath of air conditioning. Upon walking into to this “crisp,” Qingdao morning, sunglasses fogged for a quick few transitional seconds, and we entered the hot zone. It’s actually not that hot (about 80 degrees F) but the humidity is mildly shocking. In the boat park this morning, Tornado skipper Johnny Lovell realized, “I must have made a mistake this morning. I ran outside, and now even after a cold shower I still can’t cool off.” He immediately slipped into a cooling vest. These vests are strapped with ice packs and unfortunately Johnny happened to grab the one that looked like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but at least he’s cooling off.

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