понедельник, 26 января 2009 г.

Team Dinner: Twenty Speeches!

All 18 athletes and their 20 staff enjoyed a rare, stress-free evening of fun away from the village. Halfway through the Italian dinner the event quickly started to resemble a speech workshop. After 17 speakers, it was hard to keep track, but at least 20 people stood to share words or motivation, appreciation, or in the case of a few who will remain nameless, just plain banter. The Dutch Tornado and 470 teams as well as the German Yngling team were unfortunate enough to be there as we monopolized the restaurant, but they were good sports. Two Dutch team members even toasted/roasted the USA wishing us good luck. The support shown by Team USA was phenomenal. As one sailor began to tear up, the overwhelming roar of cheers and clapping proved that this group has become a genuine unit and they know they are part of something truly special.

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