понедельник, 26 января 2009 г.

Mercedes series 120 and 121 (1953 to 1962) (Topnews) (SYSTRAN translation)

Contribution of car top news on Monday, 26 January 2009
New Mercedes-Benz sedan of the type 180 formally and technically breaks with its conception in August 1953 with traditions from the pre-war period. These coined the types 300 and 220 apart from the series W 136 and W 191 also. The W 120 is now first Mercedes-Benz passenger car, whose body is arranged in pontoon form. Characteristically of this in the year 1946 in the USA realized structure according to the Three box principle fully integrated fenders, a rectangular sketch of the body and those are approximate in each case for the first time as right parallelepipeds of trained vehicle ranges front cars, passenger compartment and tail. This conception makes at the same time a smaller air resistance (which leads to fewer wind noises and sinking consumption) as well as a clearly roomier interior possible. Mercedes-Benz 180 effectively – and already coins the German technical language of the automobile world before its market start. Because the pontoon from Stuttgart was the first Erlkönig at all.

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