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College Basketball Player Steps On Another Player INTENTIONALLY January 25 2009 (HOUSTON/ARIZONA)

At 2-5 in the Pac-10, Arizona itself might be a bit of a doormat, but that doesn't make it OK to just go around and wipe your feet on Chase Budinger's face. That's what Houston's Aubrey Coleman did to Budinger yesterday, and while I can't say for sure that I know the man's intent, you know, he did stomp on a guy's face, showed no signs of offering any kind of apology, and smiled while receiving a congratulatory "Hey, way to step on that guy's face!" high-five on his way off the floor. To me, that's unsportsmanlike. Arizona went on to win 96-90 in overtime, despite the fact that Houston led 63-51 at the time of the face-stomping. Consider that your daily dose of karma, Mr. Coleman.
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