понедельник, 26 января 2009 г.

John Dane Sweeps Competition-- IN 1970!

John Dane may not be "lanky" any more, but he is still that same "cocky" sailor who can rumble with the best in the world. Check out his resume from almost 40 years ago in the Sports Illustrated Vault: "In the 1970 World Soling class championships he had defeated a truly great Daneâ€"perhaps the best sailor in the world todayâ€"Paul Elvstrom. And for two years the Tulane Dane had been a collegiate All-America[n]. He had taken the North American junior sailing championship at Annapolis in 1967. In 1969 he was the North American Soling champion. He had raced aboard the converted 12-meter sloop American Eagle with Ted Turner , a man he resembles in voice and sailing passion. Last summer in his spare time Dane jammed his lanky frame into a Windmill dinghy and won the world championship in that class. As much as anything, he did it for a friend who wanted to sell his Windmill, reasoning that a world-champion boat would have some value."

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